Currently, I am a lecturer in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences as well as a postdoctoral scholar with the Boehm Lab in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

Through a remarkable confluence of coincidences, I served as the Master of Ceremonies for TEDxMonterey "SeaChange" in April 2012. Equal parts fun, terrifying, and educating: it turns out I need to practice my microphone skills!

I worked on Capital Hill for Congressman Sam Farr. Seeing the inner workings of the US House of Representatives is an experience I would recommend to
any scientist or citizen who wants to make a difference.

As a gradstudent in oceanography, I lived on Coconut Island: 29 acres of quirky history, neat marine science, and falling coconuts. I divided my time between diving on the reef, working in the aquarium lab, and piloting the island's ferry boat.

In 2004 I sailed with the Quiksilver Crossing as a biologist for Reef Check International. A few months of adventures in the Turks & Caicos and Bahamas aboard the iconic surf adventure ship, the Indies Trader.